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Brian Lightman to open Leadership and Training Centre
by Admin User - Wednesday, 26 September 2012, 2:24 PM

On Thursday 27 September Shenley Brook End School welcomes Brian Lightman, General Secretary of ASCL, to open its new Leadership and Training Centre. The Leadership and Training Centre (LTC) is an expression of the school’s commitment to growing successful people across and beyond the school and its role as a national Teaching school is part of this.

The LTC aims to encourage and support schools to develop communities where people are;

  • Successfully Leading – helping schools grow successful leadership at every level
  • Successfully Learning – helping schools grow successful learning at every level
  • Successfully Living – helping schools grow people to live successful lives

Brian Lightman is spending the day at the school, meeting with senior and middle leaders and with the student cabinet prior to speaking at the opening event at 4pm to an audience of local Headteachers and a range of regional and national educational figures from universities, training providers, academy chains and educational consultancies. Following the opening of the Centre, Brian is staying to speak to parents and students at the school’s annual awards ceremony and to present awards; celebrating the best results in the school’s history.

Brian welcomes the school’s commitment to the importance of developing leadership, and said...

“The coalition government has said that it wants to create a world-class teaching profession and centres like the one here at Shenley Brook End School are crucial to achieving that aim. In the end this is about ensuring the best possible education for young people. International research shows that the quality of teaching is the single most important factor in making sure that young people succeed at school. That’s why a centre like this is so important. It is inspiring to see schools taking the lead in creating the best generation of teachers and school leaders we have ever had.”

Chris Holmwood, Senior Deputy Headteacher at the school, has been appointed Principal of the Leadership and Training Centre. He said, ‘In practical terms the centre will make a huge contribution to the training and development of school leadership through accredited and bespoke leadership programmes across and beyond Milton Keynes. This is something the school has been doing for a while, and through the Centre, and as a Teaching school, we now have the opportunity to support many more schools more widely. My aspiration would be that we enable teachers to grow in their skills and confidence to develop their leadership potential and that we contribute to the creation of an educational climate that makes it possible for children and young people to do the same. It is a privilege to have the support of ASCL in this, and we very much appreciate Brian Lightman’s visit today.’