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  • National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership



    National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership 

    The NPQSL is one of a suite of leadership development programmes devised by the National College for School Leadership and developed and delivered by regional licensed providers. It has a history of success and high quality formerly as the Leadership Pathways Programme, but has now become part of the new Modular Curriculum for Leadership Development, alongside NPQML (for middle leadership) and NPQH (for aspiring Headteachers). There are also two further levels, currently provided by the National College, one for Headteachers in their first two years in post and one for system leaders working across several educational organisations.

    The NPQSL is facilitated in collaboration with Milton Keynes Teaching School Alliance under licence of the Thames Buckinghamshire Learning Trust.  For further details of the programme content and costs please click here.

    The course overview provides Key Facts about the qualification. For further information please visit the National College website and to apply complete the online application form via the Buckinghamshire Learning Trust.

    Elective Modules are also available at NPQML and NPQSL level as standalone opportunities.

    Sample feedback from NPQSL participants:

    • The thing that has had the most impact on me through the course has been the way in which Chris and Rosemary convey a genuine passion for education, their advocacy of risk taking and vision
    • Time with other leaders from other schools (and my own!) has been invaluable – to be able to share reflections on leadership styles and theories and discuss how they can be applied to me/my team/my school/potential projects.  All wonderfully facilitated by Chris in comfortable and safe environment
    • The importance of creating the right learning culture, where people are able to take risks. I have also learnt that I have more influence over change than I thought, this in a way has made me take my role more seriously so that has raised my confidence
    • Giving the opportunity and time to really reflect.  When you get caught up in the day to day of your role, reflecting is often the first thing that falls away.  This course has been great in giving me the chance to reflect generally but also specifically when theories/articles etc have been given to us

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