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    ML/SL feedback quotations:

    ‘The programme provides delegates with a framework for aspiring leaders to holistically develop their leadership potential.  The programme provides a useful balance between practical knowledge applicable in a leadership context as well as enabling delegates to reflect on their own personal and moral compass.’

     ‘It made me realise that leadership skills can be learnt and that we all have areas to develop.  Having the time to reflect on and speak to other teachers was really valuable.’

     ‘Having time out of the school to reflect on the school and SLT, in terms of where we are, where we want to be and how we are going to get there.’

     ‘It has made me a more reflective leader who has a greater appreciation of leadership styles and approaches.  I am now so much more confident in my own abilities and know the areas I still need to improve on.’

    NPQML cohort 7 feedback:

    • Applying adaptive leadership styles within my department and moving away from pacesetting
    • A department where I can now hold people to account
    • I have been able to approach tasks with a more professional ‘head’ and think more about the impact I can have on others development
    • I understand myself and my own emotional frustrations enabling me to then adapt to others different styles and needs, in order to effectively bring about change
    • Understanding myself as a leader and changing my role and expectations of myself
    • My new achievement is a much better understanding of myself as a leader of others and how to continue ‘growing’ in this direction
    • The biggest impact on my learning has been the opportunity to reflect on my own leadership abilities and how I can best work with other members of my team to achieve the desired outcomes
    • During the project I have become more visible as a leader by becoming more comfortable and seeing myself as a leader
    • Through working with a wide variety of stakeholders, including teachers, SLT, parents and community partners, I have a greater understanding of the issues, communication and responsibility needed to successfully lead a project
    • The biggest impact on my learning has been the different models and awareness of different leadership styles as this has allowed me to engage fully with other leaders within school

    NPQSL cohort 7 feedback:

    • This has helped me in my self-reflecting and adapting the way in which I deal with people and lead teams
    • The thing that has had the most impact on me through the course has been the way in which Chris and Rosemary convey a genuine passion for education, their advocacy of risk taking and vision
    • I have learned how different people behave and learn in different ways.  This has helped me to recognise the type of leader I am but also to understand what I need to change to ensure the people in my team ‘buy in’ to the vision
    • Fun and challenging CPD – thank you!
    • Learning about adaptive leadership and having opportunities to discuss the effects of our actions on others has changed the way that I deal with my team.  I am much more aware of our differences and how I can adapt to best suit individuals but also how I can behave differently as the situations dictates
    • Time with other leaders from other schools (and my own!) has been invaluable – to be able to share reflections on leadership styles and theories and discuss how they can be applied to me/my team/my school/potential projects.  All wonderfully facilitated by Chris in comfortable and safe environment
    • The importance of creating the right learning culture, where people are able to take risks. I have also learnt that I have more influence over change than I thought, this in a way has made me take my role more seriously so that has raised my confidence
    • I now feel much more confident in my ability to reach staff and lead them in change
    • Giving the opportunity and time to really reflect.  When you get caught up in the day to day of your role, reflecting is often the first thing that falls away.  This course has been great in giving me the chance to reflect generally but also specifically when theories/articles etc have been given to us
    • Having an opportunity to discuss issues with others and gain insight/knowledge from Chris and Rosemary with research to give me the tools to move things on


    ‘The Middle leader training  has made a huge impact on my leadership skills, my confidence, and the way I will make leadership and management choices from now on.’ Rebecca Faulkner

    ‘After many years of working very much to the Ofsted agenda, it was so refreshing learning about an approach grounded in a genuine interest in developing learning and more effective teaching.‘ Local Headteacher

    ‘The impact of the focus of the school puts on the wider development of their young people is incredibly impressive.’ David Crossley Executive Director, Whole Education Network
    ‘The best training I have had in 13 years!’ Local Teacher



    'I am currently at a 5 year old academy in North London, with responsibility for teaching and learning and some aspects of CPD across the school. I was also one of the delegates at the aspiring leaders conference on Friday and your story has been at the forefront of my mind over the weekend. Truly inspirational. Your students were great ambassadors and it was amazing to see how well prepared lessons enabled them to take an active and leading role in lessons with the teachers orchestrating the learning with well directed questioning, nudging, and other interventions which enhanced rather than interrupted the flow of learning. I was particularly interested in the way you have focussed on developing lifelong learning habits through TENSILE and how you have used CPD to 'lift the lid' on Shenley Brook End.'

    My name is Martin and I attended a session delivered by Chris at the University of Warwick over the summer as part of the returners' week for Teach First participants. It was, without putting too fine a point on it, a brilliant session and captured the imagination of both myself and everyone I attended the session with.

     Click here to see letter from a Head following Middle Leader support

    'This has been very important to my career and understanding of leadership and very much enjoyed the opportunity.  Most important CPD since teacher training.' taken from Middle Leader evaluation


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